Bernice Chapman

Senior Environmental Biotechnologist

PhD in Biochemistry, Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand

Berni has worked in small consultancy firms for over 15 years in the waste management, waste-to-energy and contaminated land sectors. She has a strong ethos of waste minimisation, containment and management, the effective operation of existing resources with beneficial reuse where possible, protection of the environment and overall sustainability coupled with a pragmatic approach from direct involvement in day-to-day operations. Her experience includes preliminary and detailed site investigations, sampling and analysis, site remediation, feasibility studies, problem solving and process design. This work includes the management of a range of environmentally polluting industrial effluents, and contaminated land investigations and site remediation.

Bernice has previously worked as Laboratory Manager for Waste Solutions Ltd, an Associate for CPG New Zealand Ltd, and a Wastewater Treatment Specialist for ADI Systems.

021 254 1560